Travel Alberta

Things to Do

Alberta’s beauty never ceases to amaze regardless of the season. Whether sunshine or snow, there are countless activities for your clients to experience that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

  • Summer

    Summer is the perfect time to visit Alberta. Your clients can spend our long summer days camping, horseback riding, canoeing, cycling, golfing and whitewater rafting, exhilarated by the fresh air and wide open spaces.

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  • Winter

    The province of Alberta enjoys a deliciously long winter season, filled with opportunity for outdoor adventure. Visitors who visit us during the winter months, will discover the warmth of our hospitality and join locals as we embrace the snowflakes and spend our time outside.

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  • Special Interests
    Special Interests

    Alberta is known for its myriad of experiences and no matter what niche interests your client may have, chances are good they can enjoy those experiences here.

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  • Calgary
    What's New?

    Alberta is home to iconic and proven tourism experiences that are recognized around the world. Our province has an active tourism community, with industry partners who are constantly creating and investing in new and amazing experiences for your clients; experiences that will find their way onto your client's and group's bucket lists.

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