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Nothern Alberta

A place where the northern lights blaze across the night sky and your clients can explore the backcountry for days without seeing another person. Many legends surround the aurora borealis, but most involve the belief that the colorful lights are really human spirits dancing on the wind. Whether it’s a tiny wisp of green light slowly moving across the horizon or a bright pulsing chorus of ever changing colors, watching the northern lights is a magical experience best enjoyed in absolute darkness.

Home to the largest dark sky preserve in the world and an abundance of wonderful wilderness areas, northern Alberta has ideal locations for observing and photographing the natural phenomenon of the northern lights. Peak viewing time is September through April.

Key Points of Interest

Northern Lights
Northern Lights

Send your clients on a guided northern lights tour to unravel the mysteries of what makes the night sky blaze with colour. They’ll hear the old legends and lore that surround this mesmerizing display. Situated under the southern edge of the Auroral Oval in northern Alberta, Fort McMurray is one of the world’s best viewing spots.