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GoPro Adventure Sports Athlete Camp Hosted in the Canadian Rockies

Alberta is about to get noticed by millions of people worldwide. This week, Travel Alberta is hosting GoPro in the Canadian Rockies for their Adventure Sports Athlete Camp. The Athlete Camp brings GoPro staff, 21 of GoPro’s sponsored athletes, and several influential media to Banff from across the globe.

Running from September 7-12, the Camp is focusing on outdoor adventure activities such as kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, rock climbing and human flight in various Rockies locations in Alberta. Each day, footage and photographs shot by the athletes and GoPro is edited and shared socially on GoPro and participating athletes’ channels. Travel Alberta and participating partners will be sharing the content as well.

GoPro is known around the world for developing and marketing high-definition cameras used in extreme videography. They are known as one of the most influential content marketing brands in the world, providing incredible visual content viewed by millions of followers via its social networks with an international reach of fans and followers of almost 20 million. Having GoPro choose the Canadian Rockies as the destination for their Adventure Camp is an ideal opportunity to promote Alberta as an adventure destination to a huge international audience.

Media outlets including Gizmodo,, Outside Magazine, Canoe & Kayak, and are attending and writing stories about the Camp and Alberta.

Follow along by visiting GoPro’s social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, or follow Travel Alberta who will be sharing the best content captured. #GoPro @TravelAlberta

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