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Alberta Food Tours Inc. Expands to Canmore and Edmonton

Calgary, AB -- Launched in 2006, Calgary Food Tours is a local Alberta entrepreneurial success story.

President, Karen Anderson (a former registered nurse) began operations as a one-woman show and now has six tours featuring 50 partners running year-round in Calgary. In 2015, Calgary Food Tours showcased Calgary’s thriving food scene to over 1000 guests in 100 tours.

This summer, Calgary Food Tours becomes Alberta Food Tours, Inc. with operations launching in Canmore and Edmonton. Each location will run weekend tours focusing on the local food, art and history of the region. It is what sets Alberta Food Tours, Inc. apart; the focus of providing memorable experiences to visitors by connecting to Alberta’s culture through interaction with local people and sharing authentic stories.

“Food tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the hospitality industry,” states Alberta Food Tours

owner/operator, Karen Anderson. “There are few food tour operators in the province and with our 10 years of industry experience we are ideally positioned to deliver our product to Canmore and Edmonton visitors.”

Alberta Food Tours, Inc. will be offering eight tours in the three locations (six in Calgary, one each in Canmore and Edmonton). To accommodate the new locations, Alberta Food Tours is launching three new websites where visitors can purchase tickets and receive detailed information on all the tours. It is also working closely with Travel Alberta to expand its networks to the greater tourism market in Alberta.

Calgary Food Tours’ season launches May 21 with its popular Savouring 17th Avenue SW tour, followed by Canmore in June and Edmonton later this summer. For more information, visit and

About Alberta Food Tours, Inc.

Alberta Food Tours provides first class hospitality to our guests while sharing our passion for

the world’s best food producers, markets, artisans, chefs and restaurants in a fun manner

whether we are guiding someone on a walking tour in our home base of Calgary, Alberta or

leading an adventure to the world’s most fascinating culinary destinations.

We cater to people of all ages who are looking for three things: 1 – excellence in food, 2 – joy

and fun in life, 3 – new outlooks on and/or adventures with food. Our guests are wealthy in

their capacity for enjoyment of life.

Guests return time and time again and refer us because they know we will meet all these

criteria without question and we will do so whether we are taking guests on a tour of a

neighbourhood in Calgary or on an international culinary expedition.

About Karen Anderson, Owner/Operator

Karen started Calgary Food Tours Inc. in 2006 as a Mom-repreneur looking for a business to

grow along with her family. She is a writer with regular columns for Calgary's City Palate

magazine and CBC Radio One's Alberta at Noon. She writes Calgary Food Tours Inc.'s Cowtown 2

Chowtown blog as well as her own blog Savour it All where she shares her philosophy of food

and life.

In 2015, she published A Spicy Touch - Family Favourites from Noorbanu Nimji's Kitchen with

her beloved mentor Noorbanu Nimji which won a sliver medal in the cookbook category at the

IPPY Awards for independent book publishers. Karen leads annual cuisine and culture tours to

India and everywhere she goes she takes a food tour.

Alberta Food Tours