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Engaging the masses with #MyJasper

Widely used social media management firm Hootsuite recently shared a case study entitled "Promoting Tourism through Social”, recognizing Tourism Jasper for its social media savvy.   

In light of recent successes Tourism Jasper has had with unique social media campaigns, Hootsuite chose to include Tourism Jasper as a key partner in their Social Media Innovators program. Through the official destination hashtag #MyJasper, Tourism Jasper created an online audience of travellers who are passionate and excited to share their own Jasper memories through photos and inspirational stories.   

In 2013, led by Digital Marketing Specialist Kyle Harms, Tourism Jasper’s digital media strategy began to shift to create an online community of passionate and loyal fans. Crowd-sourced stories and images provide inspiration to aspiring travellers in key markets and drive referrals to the website, which ultimately leads to bookings.  

 “#MyJasper has cultivated a highly engaged community that drives awareness back to Jasper,” states Sam Milbrath, Hootsuite Customer Programs representative.  “It’s because of the great branding with their hashtags that we had to share this successful case study.” 

Using social media to tie experiences back to the brand, Tourism Jasper has seen a 185% increase in website referrals and a 211% increase in shareholder referrals. In addition, over 15,000 photos have been tagged with #MyJasper on Instagram, with Twitter and Facebook traffic up over 180% year over year. Tourism Jasper is well on its way to reaching its target of one million engagements on Facebook for 2014. 

Viewable to nine million plus members as well as the general public, Hootsuite’s case study celebrates the gains made by the #MyJasper hashtag, elevating Jasper as a destination and creating a community of online ambassadors. This translates to unique and inspirational Jasper stories being shared with more potential visitors than ever before.    
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