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Apple Product Launch Features Alberta Images

On Monday October 13, 2014 Apple announced the release of their newest iPad models. One of the new features highlights an improved camera that allows the user to capture detailed photos. To highlight this new camera, Apple came to Alberta in search of the perfect landscapes and shot some incredible images that were used at the product launch

This is pretty outstanding when you think of all the things and places in the world they could have selected.  Apple chose Alberta!

With its pristine turquoise lakes and enchanting mountain vistas, Alberta proved to be the perfect model for Apple to exhibit its iPad cameras’ aptitude for capturing clear, detailed photographs.

“Apple is ranked as the 2nd most valued brand in the world and we are delighted that, of all the places in the world, Alberta was chosen to demonstrate the new iPads,” said Royce Chwin, Chief Marketing Officer at Travel Alberta.

Travel Alberta