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Experience Banff National Park a whole new way

During the summer of Canada’s 150th Anniversary, more visitors than ever from all over the world are expected to visit Banff National Park. 

Parks Canada, the Town of Banff, and Banff & Lake Louise Tourism have teamed up to ensure the visitor experience is as seamless as usual. With new tools available to plan a memorable trip, complete with suggestions on different times to visit key attractions, hidden gems within the park, and new public and private transit and transport services, there are more reasons than ever for visitors and residents to plan ahead, step out of their vehicles and make the most of their experience.

"With visitors taking advantage of free admission to national parks this year to celebrate Canada 150, Parks Canada is excited about the launch of these new trip-planning tools and transit options to ensure the best possible experience for visitors,” said Dave McDonough, Parks Canada Field Unit Superintendent for Banff. 

“What some visitors may not realize is that the Town of Banff is incredibly walkable, and with our long days, and many new transit options available within and around Banff, visitors can spend more time doing what they came here for – sightseeing and making memories,” said Banff Mayor Karen Sorenson.

“We want to ensure visitors are aware of not just the ways to get around the park, but the times to visit key attractions and of the many hidden gems within the park that may be less known but just as spectacular. That way visitors get an extra memorable experience while here,” said Banff & Lake Louise Tourism CEO Leslie Bruce.

Just one of the resources available is a website that includes all the travel information needed for visitors to experience the park vehicle-free. Go to for details.

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