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You can now surf an endless wave at World Waterpark

World Waterpark guests who crave adventure now have another way to get their adrenaline rush. Tsunami, the indoor waterpark’s newest feature, provides thrill seekers with the opportunity to surf an endless wave.

Tsunami is a FlowRider Double, a sheet wave attraction that enables people to ride waves using either a bodyboard or a flowboard. Gravity allows the rider to ‘drop in’ from the crest of the wave and then manoeuvre the water flow. The attraction operates by high volume pumps that generate a continuous sheet of flowing water over a tensioned fabric riding surface. This stationary ‘sheet wave’ can be ridden just like a similarly shaped ocean wave. While there are other FlowRiders in Canada, the West Edmonton Mall attraction is the only FlowRider Double to be installed in the country. Two riders can experience the attraction at the same time; an inflatable divider separates them.

Tsunami provides an aggressive and tumbling white-water experience in a controlled environment. Guests will be challenged and have the opportunity to better their skills with each experience. The attraction will provide guests with memorable experiences and complements World Waterpark's surfing program. Surf lessons are offered in the park and the park operates a surf club.

There is an additional charge to experience Tsunami. Guests can purchase hourly passes which will allow them to take their turn riding the waves with fellow riders.

Tsunami is located in the southeast corner of World Waterpark and represents an investment of more than $1.5 million into the park.

Other facts to note:

  • Anyone in good health can experience Tsunami 
  • Minimum height to bodyboard: 107 centimetres (42 inches) 
  • Minimum height to flowboard (stand up): 122 centimetres (48 inches) 
  • Riders under 18 are required to have a parent/guardian sign a waiver granting them permission to experience the attraction 
  • Size of attraction: about 13.7 metres by 11.4 metres (45 feet by 37.4 feet) 
  • Power required to operate: 180 kilowatts (240 horsepower) 
  • Water required:  64,000 litres 
  • Manufacturer: WhiteWater 

For more information contact:
Sheri Clegg
West Edmonton Mall
Ph: 780-444-5389

West Edmonton Mall