Alberta is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking places on earth, as vast as it is varied in landscape and experiences. Places to go, things to do. Encourage your clients to discover what Alberta's famous western hospitality is all about. 

Located in western Canada, our province is bordered by the spectacular Canadian Rocky Mountains to the west and rolling prairies and badlands to the east. We share our northern border with the Northwest Territories and to the south, an international peace park with the state of Montana. 

The province of Alberta enjoys a deliciously long winter season, filled with opportunity for outdoor adventure. Our Canadian Rocky Mountains are positively magical in the winter. When your clients arrive in our gateway cities of Edmonton or Calgary, our alpine ski resorts are just short hours away. Suggest an ice walk through a canyon iridescent with frozen waterfalls. Or a private sleigh ride around an iconic lake, slipping into a natural hot spring under the stars later that evening. Or let your clients run wild with the huskies as enthusiastic dog sled teams pull them through pristine wilderness. As your clients explore our urban centers, they will embrace the cities passion for winter and enjoy the cozy warmth of the city streets as the snowflakes fall.  

An award winning destination, for all ages, that provides authentic adventures and enriching cultural experiences that can be shared with client's friends and family. 

High Customer Satisfaction Rating

Alberta consistently ranks as one of the top destinations for customer satisfaction surveys for numerous tour operators who offer Alberta programs, compared to programs offered worldwide. 

Wide Array of Activities 

With so many Alberta adventures and proven tourism experiences throughout our many destinations, Alberta offers a wide variety of activities for all ages. From seniors to youth programs to adventures for multi-generational clients, Alberta provides you with the options to ensure a successful outcome. 

Landscape and Terrain 

Alberta's unique landscapes and varied terrain offer an array of vivid colours - from our turquoise glacier-fed lakes, snow-capped mountains and blue skies to the wildflowers, green forests and red-striped badlands - which all leave a lasting impression on our visitors. 

Alberta Hospitality 

It is tough to describe in words but it is one thing that your colleagues, travel agents, tour operators and returning clients say. The warmth and genuine hospitality are the hallmarks that make every trip a success. 


With two gateway cities of Edmonton and Calgary, each with international airports, Alberta is easily accessible with easy air access from across North America. Roads and highways are well maintained, making access by car or motor coach easy, right down to walking paths, sidewalks and backcountry trails. 

With all this combined, Alberta is a destination where your clients will be provided with inspiring and enriching experiences that will create lifelong memories, and each will thank you for recommending Alberta. 

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