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Adventure at Historic Sites, Museums and Archives

Join hundreds of thousands of visitors this summer exploring 20 provincially-owned historic sites, museums and archives for an affordable Alberta adventure. Experience everything about Alberta’s history from close-up encounters with dinosaurs and vintage vehicles to learning about ancient bison-hunting culture and tasting delicious Ukrainian cuisine. As Canadians across the country celebrate the... Read More »

Government of Alberta

Industrial finds unearth palaeontological past

A new exhibit at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology welcomes Albertans to discover spectacular fossil finds from across the province. As one of the best places in the world for fossil preservation and discovery, Alberta is an exciting window into prehistoric life. The museum's new exhibit, Grounds for Discovery, showcases some of... Read More »

Government of Alberta

Minister Miranda Welcomes Global Tourism Partners

Culture and Tourism Minister Ricardo Miranda issued the following statement regarding Rendez-vous Canada 2017 in Calgary: “I would like to welcome our tourism trade partners from across the country and around the world to Alberta for Rendez-vous Canada, the nation’s top international business-to-business marketplace for tourism." “Alberta will be welcoming more than... Read More »

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Alberta “Rendez-vous” with the world

Alberta is set to host a number of key national and international tourism industry events this year expected to drive visitation for years to come. One of the banner events is Rendez-vous Canada (RVC) taking place in Calgary May 9-12, 2017. The invitation-only event, exclusive to export-ready tourism experience sellers, select buyers and destination marketing organizations, is... Read More »

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The Sky Show Must Go On

Reviving Northern Lights viewing tours in Fort McMurray spurred by a mix of determination, partnership and old-fashioned grit. For Northern Lights Outdoor Excursions Alberta (NLOEA), necessity really was the mother of invention. The Fort McMurray-based operator offers aurora borealis viewing and outdoor adventure packages in partnership with three local Atlific hotels — Vantage Inn, Merit Hotel and... Read More »

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